Private residence, Bottrop

Bottrop, Germany

Private residence, Bottrop

The high standards of design evident in the owner of this family home in Bottrop reflect in every aspect of the rooms - styled with love and a special eye for detail. The generous layout and exclusive materials point to a high quality of life. This maxim faithfully carries through into the bathroom. It is no wonder that the owner quickly came upon the design products crafted by KALDEWEI. The ASYMMETRIC DUO and CONOFLAT series, which have won multiple design awards, met the specifications perfectly.
The ASYMMETRIC DUO bathtub appeals with soft interior contours designed to create a charming contrast to the generous surround that offers ample space for storage or a seat when bathing the child. The CONOFLAT shower surface adjacent to the bathtub exudes purist elegance. Installed completely flush-to-floor, it features an enamelled waste cover that fits seamlessly into the tray's surface to blend harmoniously with the overall design, thus emphasising the tray's aesthetic charm.

Private residence, BottropPrivate residence, Bottrop

Family home

KALDEWEI products:

ASYMMETRIC DUO bathtub, CONOFLAT floor-level shower

Town/city:Bottrop, Germany

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